Are you ready to gain CLARITY on who you are and what you really want, develop CONFIDENCE to overcome sabotage and cultivate the COURAGE to dream?

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Courage to Be You is the exact seven principles process I used myself and have now shared with countless women as a complete guide to Self Discovery.

Ditching the me guilt, reclaiming yourself, igniting your own life and giving you the Clarity, Confidence and Courage you desire.


  • Are feeling like life is groundhog day wondering ‘Is this it?’
  • Feel stuck in life which leads to procrastination and self criticism
  • Lost who you are under the heavy weight of other people demands
  • Held back constantly by negative thinking, doubt, fear and sabotage
  • Overwhelmed with the constant treadmill and yearn to feel real joy again in life.
  • Going round in circles letting life happen to you rather than you directing it.


  • Have clarity on who you authentically are and what you want
  • Develop confidence to overcome the doubts, fear and sabotage that hold you back
  • Cultivate the courage to make life changing bold decisions and feel excited about your vision for your future
  • Dream again, and finally listen to the whispers of your heart
  • Discover what strong Self Esteem and deep Self Love can do for every aspect of your life
  • Connect to your own freedom, meaning and purpose in life
  • Manifest the life you have only dreamt of

Imagine how would this change your life?

I can tell you with complete certainty that with the Courage to be You program, all of the above and more is possible and the results prove it.

If you are committed to you and your future, then I am committed to sharing it all with you inside this program.

And being by your side inspiring, motivating and supporting you as you work through it.

What is the
Courage To Be You Program?

  • Courage to Be You is a seven month online program designed to give you Clarity, Confidence and Courage. It helps you develop strong Self Esteem and deep Self Love.
  • Created by someone who has not only walked the walk, but talks the walk, CTBY is one of THE most comprehensive self discovery programs online and specifically designed for sensitive women.
  • Developed with the principle of the compound effect and the Japanese philosophy of KAIZEN at its core. Meaning little by little, becomes a lot. It’s a gentle step by step guide to enable busy women to make consistent changes, and have constant shifts and insights.
  • This is powerful and transformational and is not for the faint hearted. Courage is at the heart of everything I teach and you will be held, seen and supported through the entire process.
  • From videos, downloadable audios, reflective PDFs, meditations and more, you now have the unique blue print to making your own dreams a reality by starting with YOU.
  • No one talks about this in this depth in the self development world, and I am on a mission to ensure every woman knows all of the sabotaging habits and behaviours that hold us back. It is designed in a way to walk you step by step through the process, so you can overcome the seven sabotaging dream stealers, and learn the seven empowering principles in a way that you might never have heard of before.


I’m Sarah, a free spirited fun loving mother of two and a gorgeous springer spaniel dog named Sandy. I've also manifested my dreams of living at the beach and my soul mate.

I’m also an expert in Self Development as I am obsessed with it, and have been for over seven years.

Through my own self discovery journey, I have learnt how to have the courage to be your most authentic self. I've learnt the art of ditching the guilt and making myself a priority in my own life, plus my unique Golden Thread blueprint to discovering my dreams and manifesting these into reality.

I have spent thousands of hours and pounds attending seminars, retreats, reading books, online courses so that you don’t have to. I've had to work through every dream stealer known and through all my knowledge and expertise, I have been able to develop a signature program that helps sensitive women gain the Clarity, Confidence and Courage they deeply desire. You matter and your dreams matter.

What other Courageous Dreamers are saying:

‘Before working with Sarah, I was in a position of repeating the same cycles again and again, struggling in work/business and never feeling enough. Through ‘Courage to Be You’ program, I now understand how essential self belief and self esteem is to succeed.

You have to know yourself really well and accept all that you are.

I had done elements of self development before but there were some walls that I couldn’t begin to know how to take down. I’m now actively excited about who I am, I fight for myself now and value the woman I am, used to be, and who I am becoming. The program is a gentle guide that allows you to come to your own conclusions in your own time.

I know it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I cant recommend it highly enough. For the first time ever, I really believe I am going to be able to live the life I’ve only dreamt about!’


Courage to be you is perfect for you if:

  • You’re prepared to invest a minimum of half hour a week on your self development.
  • You know you are here for something more and that you have so much potential lying dormant within you.
  • You desire to truly know yourself and uncover all your own dreams in every area of your life.
  • You are done with the doubt, the fear and self sabotage and are ready to make the changes you desire in your life.
  • You are ready to start ditching the me guilt, reclaiming yourself and your life.
  • You are open and curious and desire to learn things which will be life changing.
  • You feel lost, stuck and overwhelmed but have now decided its time. No longer stuck in the same cycles or feeling like its ground hog day.
  • You know that what you're doing isn't working but don't yet know what will, and know that coaching with the right person who understands is what you need to get a return on your time, energy and money.

‘I remember feeling very skeptical and fearful around investing the time, energy and money in this program. Ultimately though, the Courage to Be You program gave me the courage and strength to make life -changing decisions so I could finally live from a place of joy and peace.

I felt anxious and pessimistic before and yet Sarah gave me the tools to support developing a positive mindset whilst honouring all my feelings. I finally understand the ways I was sabotaging myself in life and holding myself back.

With Sarah’s support, I created a clear vision of what I truly wanted under all the conditioning and other people’s expectations.

I now run my own successful business inspiring and empowering other women and this could never have happened without this program as my self-esteem and self-belief was shattered, and I lived in doubt and fear. I now live a life I love, have a relationship I dreamt of, and am living in line with my purpose giving my life real meaning. I will always be forever thankful to Sarah for this life-changing program.’


A peak inside the program

Module One: Ditching Self Deception

Discover powerful tools to move away from Self Deception, challenge what you are thinking, and most importantly why it’s so essential to do so.

  • How to stop feeling out of control or at the mercy of your emotions
  • What negative self talk really does and and how to avoid long term pain
  • Learn the way to slow down the worry and overthinking.
  • A powerful exercise to help with the frustration of indecision and guilt when making decisions

Module Two: Ditching Self Pity

You will finally understand the curse of Self Pity and the easiest and most effective way to move away from it.

  • Why you are really trapped feeling despair and emotional pain
  • The real cause of inner turmoil, struggle and relationship problems
  • Learn the real reason we feel we have to rely on outside validation/praise
  • How to validate your own self worth
  • Ditching that awful feeling of being a victim of circumstance
  • Turn rejection and disappointments into self power and belief

Module Three: Ditching Self Sacrifice

Uncover the true essence of who you really are under the heavy weight of expectations, and give yourself permission to do what's good for you.

  • Why you really feel guilty and then sacrifice your needs constantly
  • A simple proven method to stop this vicious cycle and evaporate the Me Guilt
  • How to stop being the fixer of everyone else's problems without feeling selfish
  • A unique creative discovery tool to help you identify what you really want
  • How to design a life you love so you feel you can really enjoy each day

Module Four: Ditching Self Criticism

Eliminate Self Criticism which causes feelings of unworthiness and not good enough, and feel more acceptance, love and compassion for yourself.

  • How to finally let go of feeling like a failure and any mistakes you have made
  • How to release the internal pressure of perfectionism and relentless high standards
  • A life changing exercise so you can look in the mirror and learn to like, accept and love yourself
  • Believe in yourself and finally stop the 'I can’t do this'

Module Five: Ditching Self Abuse

Peel back that layer of people pleasing and de-clutter you and your life of anything that’s not helping you grow, so you feel a deep self respect and worthiness.

  • How to prioritise what's really important to YOU, and eliminate overwhelm
  • Stop making poor choices and mistakes in friendships and relationships
  • How to finally be able to say No, stand up for yourself and do what's right for you
  • Ensure you don't feel criticised, dictated to or patronised ever again
  • Believe in your self worth to gain respect, love and connection with the right people

Module Six: Ditching Self sabotage

The real reason we feel we will fail and say 'I just can’t do this' and how to transform this so you avoid procrastination and stay motivated to yourself and your life

  • Discover why we often struggle with bad habits and poor choices
  • Learn how to create lasting permanent empowering ones
  • How to stop projecting your own unhappiness and dislike of self on those you love.
  • The only way to blast your self destructing beliefs

Module Seven: Ditching Self Immolation

The final month brings everything together to ditch Self Immolation for good so you feel radical self esteem and can finally know, accept and love who you really are

  • Start trusting that gut feeling and your own intuition about people and situations.
  • The path to fulfilment, joy and a life of purpose
  • How to never ever feel lonely again
  • Let go of the past and that dread and fear of your future
  • Move forward with clarity and at ease with how life is unfolding
  • Never again feel guilty for your dreams and live courageously being YOU

Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls With Sarah For 12 Months

Monthly LIVE group calls on Zoom. This is the rocket fuel that not only accelerates your learning but also inspires you to stay motivated. You will forge new friendships and flourish in your confidence and growth.

  • Connection.
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Accountability
  • Inspiration
  • Advice in real time
  • Unique opportunity every month to be coached through your own obstacles

What other Courageous Dreamers are saying:

I felt stuck for many years and although I knew I needed to make changes I deceived myself for a long time by being distracted with the busyness of day-to-day to life.

I stayed with the familiar for fifteen years. Constantly trying to be perfect for everyone else, living up to the expectations as a mum, wife and in the corporate world. This led to my mind and body being battered and exhausted. I was in constant survival mode, pretending all was fine.

It took the Courage to Be You program to break the cycle. Within weeks of signing up to the program, I could identify why I was doing what I was doing, especially around being controlled in a relationship.

I realised how much of my life I had wasted by not understanding these things. I have spent time, money and energy on things that never showed me what the Courage to Be You program has.

This program helped me ditch the guilt, know who I really was and start to ask myself – ‘What do I want?’ I am now feeling strong within myself, and have learnt to love and respect myself and ended a very toxic relationship too’ and am finally dreaming big! ’


You’re going to love these gorgeous extra gifts

Gift 1 - Join our thriving Facebook community.

Join like minded sensitive women who are on the same journey as you towards self esteem and self love. Find support, encouragement and connection as we are in this together. A great place to find a study buddy to hold each other accountable. I regularly post quotes, reminders and more to help you.

You get exclusive lifetime access. This is valued at £180 per year.

Gift 2 – A special Welcome orientation Zoom call

On signing up to the Courage to Be You program, you will be invited on to a Welcome Orientation call on Zoom. Together we will help you feel clear on the next steps and how to get the best from the program.
There will be women on the coaching call that are going through or have been through the program who will share with you what keeps them motivated, how to avoid any resistance to doing the work and so much more.

Value £97


Gift 3 – Free Ticket Golden Thread Day (Online)

You will receive a special invitation to an inspirational and motivational day where you will be guided deeply into your own authentic golden threads.
(This is powerful work where we uncover your own authentic dreams often buried under responsibility and stress)
A chance to truly give back to you and carve out special time to do this work with extra guidance, insights and amidst like minded women who you can connect with.

Valued at over £97

What’s Included in CTBY?

  • Seven month online program, seven powerful modules.
  • Seven videos for each section all approximately ten minutes in length.
  • Audio downloads of each video module so you can listen on the move and embed what you are learning even more.
  • Seven beautiful downloadable journal PDF’s for each module to work through. Reflective journaling in this way is very powerful.
  • Gorgeous extra bonuses at the end of each of the seven sections including affirmations and meditations.
  • An invitation to a Welcome orientation call upon signup.
  • Lifetime access to our thriving facebook community.
  • An invitation to a special Authentic Golden threads retreat day.
  • And FREE ticket to Courage to Dream LIVE two day event.
  • Live Group coaching calls for a whole year with Sarah as your coach.

You Get Lifetime Access to the Courage To Be You online program!

Before I started the Courage to Be You program, I was grieving, lacking in self-esteem & overwhelmed in most areas of my life.

I held back for a long time thinking it would be to much of a commitment of my time and energy. I had also done a variety of self-development work but this program is so different, firstly because Sarah is compassionate, inspiring and she also shares knowledge from her lived experience and her thorough training. This program also differs from my personal experience of CBT & psychological therapies, because although it was challenging at times, it was simple & enlightening. It enabled me to courageously but gently and effectively learn, reflect and implement changes. Most importantly, it helped me come face to face with my limiting beliefs, and aspects of my personality & behaviours that were restricting me.

I re-discovered myself and came to a deep acceptance as to who I am. I honestly now feel creative, empowered, with strong self esteem and truly focused on my self-care. It has been one of the best self-investments I’ve made in my life and has been worth the time and money for the expertise, inspiration and support I have received’


You don't even have to say yes
you only have to say maybe

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I’m so confident that this process works and you will develop radical Self Esteem and Self Love, that I’m offering you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the first 30 days no questions asked.

This means you can give the program a try, make sure it really resonates with you and change your mind if it doesn’t. Just remember you need to give the course a real chance to begin to make the shifts.

Ready to finally Ditch the guilt
and Reclaim you and Ignite your life?

By the end of CTBY you will have gained the Clarity of who you are and what you want, the Confidence to overcome the sabotage and the Courage to keep making bold decisions.

Please remember this has been designed by myself as a Empath, Highly sensitive and a busy solo Mum of two, for other busy sensitive women who really want to move forward in life and ditch the Me Guilt for good, but struggle with time for themselves!

All you have to do is DECIDE that YOU matter and take the little steps necessary each week and follow the self development path
already laid out for you.


Sarah x
Self Development Coach and Leader for sensitive souls

  • Pay
  • £235 for 7 months
    free and easy to setup
  • Signup (Monthly)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How is CTBY different from other courses?


A - CTBY has proven time and time again to work for Empaths and Highly Sensitives. It is a program born from my own struggles and created with my heart and soul for other women. I practice what I preach, and don't just teach you techniques, but how to develop true Self Esteem and Self Love which is the foundation to it all. It is a complete transformational course rather than a short quick fix.

Q - I don’t have much time will I get overwhelmed with course work?


A - Absolutely not! It's designed to work around a busy lifestyle with only 30 minutes a week required to watch the video and do some gentle self development work. Just remember all it takes is gentle consistent steps.

Q - I’m an all or nothing person, I want something quick and intensive instead!


A - I absolutely know how this feels, so am I. The challenge with this thinking is, we can enter the Someday mindset. 'When this happens, then I will', instead of just deciding to take little steps forward right now. The time will pass anyway, so just commit to your own growth and self development journey. As I’ve previously mentioned, the KAIZEN COMPOUND EFFECT is little by little becoming a lot and any successful person out there, especially women juggling endless demands on our time and energy, knows this secret too!

Q - I already feel overwhelmed with life and the endless to do list, what if I fall behind with the lessons?


A - There is no rush, go at your own pace. Although this is designed as a 7 month self development program, you have lifetime access and support from me with Q&A calls for 12 months to enable you to stay on track

Q - Is this program 100% virtual?


A - Yes, every aspect of this program is virtual/downloadable. You can participate in this program from anywhere in the world.

Q - Is CTBY just for Empaths and HSP’s women?


A - This program has been created by myself as an Empath and a Highly Sensitive. It is deep reflective work designed around how a sensitive soul thinks and feels, so naturally will resonate more for them. However, I truly believe every woman who struggles with feeling lost, stuck and overwhelmed in life would hugely benefit from this program.

Q - Is there a guarantee?


A - I’m so confident that this process works and you will develop radical Self Esteem and Self Love, that I’m offering you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the first 30 days no questions asked.

This means you can give the program a try, make sure it really resonates with you and change your mind if it doesn’t. Just remember you need to give the course a real chance to begin to make the shifts.

All that matters is that you’re ready,
willing and able to invest in your self development.

‘I came across Sarah’s work at a time that I was exhausted and emotionally wiped out by some big life changes. I felt resentment and like I would never be able to have even a part of a life of my own.

It took me a long time to justify spending the money on the Courage to Be You program. I knew I could make the time for it. I had done parenting courses and other on-line courses, but would it make a difference? What would it change for me?

I knew another mum who was doing the course, I could see how her self esteem and positivity were changing and I wanted that. I didn't want to stay stuck. I committed to the program. The work came monthly in manageable chunks, each module building on the last, and helping me to remember who I am. I saw so much improvement in the first 3 months alone, I was shifting my expectations and focus. I was thinking about me, and about what I wanted for the first time in many years. I was looking at more than just the immediate chaos around me.

I am deeply grateful to Sarah, for providing the support that she does during her programs, and through the encouraging and amazing 'Women of Courage' Facebook group. ’


  • Pay
  • £235 for 7 months
    free and easy to setup
  • Signup (Monthly)

Refund Policy and Disclaimer
You have 30 days from purchasing the program to receive a refund if you are unhappy in any way. After this, no refund is available due to your access to the membership area and content of the program. All efforts have been made to give you an accurate representation of the program on this page. Any results from testimonials are to provide an indication of what others have experienced through working with me. You probably already know this isn’t a guarantee that you will experience the same results, and that your personal success will depend on how fully you commit to the program and the materials available for you.